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We use the sky for your advertising  world’s largest canvas

We are a small family owned aerial advertising company specializing in a unique way to promote your product or service. 


Take your advertisement or message to the sky

  • Target your audience

  • Reach thousands of people in minutes

Experience and Tracking

Our plane is fully-insured and piloted by the industry’s most experienced aerial advertising pilot and his plane is GPS equipped to provide precise, timely proof-of-performance reporting that can be traced in real time.

Aerial Billboards vs Roadside Billboards

When compared with the standard roadside billboards, aerial billboards have several advantages: 

  • Movement

Because an aerial billboard flutters across the sky and it captures the eye's attention.  The flight path repositions the billboard overhead for everyone to have a clear view of the billboard.

  • Reach

An aerial billboard soars overhead and simultaneously captures thousands of people in a matter of minutes. It takes much longer time for people to drive past a roadside billboard before the same number of eyes see it.

  • Target

Businesses can target their audiences more specifically with aerial adverting based on the specific venue and event.

Aerial Letter Banners

Aerial advertising gets noticed and remembered

There is a uniqueness of seeing a soaring airplane carrying your message across the sky. Aerial advertising is clearly a message that people both subliminally and actively remember.

In today’s cyber world of advertising overload, it is harder and harder for messages to get through. Many companies are turning to aerial banner advertising to advertise their message. This allows the company to get their message out to thousands of customers within minutes.  The positive impact of advertising with Actionad Aerial Signs can have on your business in just a few minutes reaching thousands of people.

  • Studies show that 30 minutes after an airplane banner passes, thousands of people remember seeing the banner

  • People are more likely to remember the aerial advertisement versus roadside advertisement

Photo Gallery

Aerial banner towing is a unique and effective way to advertise your business or event. With a banner flying high in the sky, you can capture the attention of a large audience and make a lasting impression. Our team of experienced pilots and technicians are dedicated to providing safe and reliable banner towing services for all your advertising needs. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you take your message to new heights.






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